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Okapox Royal

Universal epoxy based grout and adhesive for walls and floors

Product Description

Solvent-free, colored epoxy based grout and adhesive mortar for high stressed, acid-resistant installation and grouting of ceramic tiles, corresponding natural stone coverings, glass mosaic, in the light acid based environment, in the swimming pool and therapy pools. As the adhesive mortar Okapox royal can be used on mineral surfaces, steel, wood and similar substrates. Okapox royal meets EN 12004 R2T, its stable consistency allows easy installation and worry free final wash. The 2-component epoxy can be mixed with variety of different colors (see color chart) to a homogeneous consistency.

  • Non-sagging and non-slumping in joints
  • For use on floor and wall applications
  • Available in contemporary colors
  • Color consistency and durability
  • Commercial and residential applications
  • Suitable as an adhesive and grout
  • Mechanically stable and chemically resistant
  • Can be used as a colored adhesive in high stress areas
  • For interior/exterior and submerged installations
  • As a rapid set system solution by adding Okapox accelerator

Source and more information: Kiesel